Monday, October 15, 2018

Houston Sports Talk Show Alleges Matt Barnes Was Cheating With Pine Tar

And you think the Zapruder film was over-analyzed! Now, Houston-based sports talk show host Josh Innes has posted a Twitter video allegedly showing Red Sox reliever Matt Barnes "cheating" by going to a "pine tar" substance on his left arm before each pitch. Of course, there is absolutely no substantiation of this claim—in fact, it looks like there's nothing at all on the pitcher's arm (except maybe sweat). And, it might just be a nervous tick that Barnes touches his arm before a pitch. Who knows? And, don't you think that the eagled-eyed Astro coaching staff would have said something if it was that obvious? This, of course, didn't stop the dumb allegation from being made. It's highly unlikely that this "controversy" rises any higher than the paranoid conspiracy-theory sewing circles of Houston, Texas. No word on whether MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has heard about this silliness, but we will try to keep you posted if anything else transpires. Stay tuned!