Monday, October 15, 2018

Brooklyn-Based Brewery Pays Up On ALDS Bet, Names Beer After Red Sox

Say what you will about New Yorkers (and believe us, we have a lot to say), at least they pay up their losing bets (every once in a while). Gotham-based Brooklyn Brewery entered into an ALDS bet with Boston-based Sam Adams Brewery for bragging rights in the recent American League Division Series. The wager stated that the losing city would post a video on Twitter 'toasting' with the winner’s beer. Of course, The Carmine Hose dispatched The Bronx Embalmers in four games (3 games to 1) and moved on the American League Championship Series. The Pinstriped Posers are golfing. The beer will remain on tap at Brooklyn Brewery for another week. If you're a Red Sox fan, and in the area, be sure to stop by and knock-back a "This Sox Pale Lager".