Monday, September 10, 2018

The Sox 1912 Win Record Of 105 Is Looking Like It Will Be Eclipsed In 2018

With their 98th victory of the season last night, the 2018 Red Sox are on-pace to collect 110 wins. That would beat the all-time franchise record of 105 wins logged by the 1912 World Series Champions. The arrival of George Herman 'Babe' Ruth was still two years away, but by 1912, the Boston American League franchise had already logged two championships. Ted Williams and the 1946 American League pennant-winners snared 104 wins, while the 1915 club (with Ruth hitting .315 and also winning 18 games on the hill) tallied 101 wins—along with another World Series title. Jim Rice and the he benighted 1978 club reached 99 wins. And, of course, the storied 2004 "Idiots" won 98 games. So, it's looking more and more likely that the franchise win mark will, in fact, be eclipsed by this very special squad of Carmine Hosers.