Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Ex-Yankee Phil Hughes, Who Grew Up A Red Sox Fan, Trashes Fenway Park

(Getty Images)
OK, this is going to cause some blow-back. Former Yankee pitcher Phil Hughes, who despite growing up in California, was a huge Red Sox fan as a kid, had some pretty nasty things to say about Fenway Park. To be fair, his recent tweets were more about the visiting player accommodations than the history surrounding the ballpark (and Chicago's Wrigley Field as well). The righty tweeted out this: "Ok here’s mine. You ready? Beyond the history, Wrigley and Fenway suck....The city is irrelevant. I love Chicago and Boston." When pushed back about Boston and Fenway (along with Chicago and Wrigley) providing the "soundtrack" of the game, Hughes responded: "Spend 9 hours in their visiting clubhouses and let me know if you can hear those soundtracks." Full disclosure: we at FenwayNation have been long-time advocates for a new, modern replicate of Fenway to be built. Give the realities of the current ownership group's position, we've given up on that notion—and we acknowledge that the NOG has made Fenway as pleasurable an experience as a 116-year-old ballpark can be. Having said that, even the home team clubhouse at Fenway is an embarrassment—as cramped and dingy as the grandstand seats are for the fans. Hughes (who was recently cut by the Padres) is clearly trying to be provocative, but he does make some legitimate points.