Thursday, July 5, 2018

New York Media Float Another "Harper-To-Yankees" Pipe-Dream—Playing 1B

(Getty Images)
The New York sports media is myopic to the point of being laughable. For years, they've been pimping the idea of getting Bryce Harper into pinstripes. Now, as the possibility of actually landing the free-agent-to-be has been fading, the new idea is for Harper to play first-base for The Evil Ones. Why? Because that's the only 'hole' that they see in the New York line-up—since their outfield alignment is so untouchable (since when is the soon-to-be 35-year-old Brett Gardner such a gem?). So, of course, the reason why Harper worked out at first base during the recent Red Sox series was to hype his value in going to The Pinstriped Posers. Since their "can't miss" first-sacker Greg Bird has done nothing but miss—they see Harper as the obvious choice to help them at that crucial position. To these morons, everything revolves around their soulless concrete bunker in the Bronx. What idiots.