Thursday, July 5, 2018

FINALLY, Red Sox Activate Reliever Tyler Thornburg, Who May Actually Pitch!

(Getty Images)
Tyler Thornburg—who we traded away Travis 'The Babe' Shaw for—has yet to throw a pitch in anger for your Boston Red Sox. This, despite the fact that we dealt for him in December of 2016. It appears that The Brew Crew may have been less-than-forthcoming about Thornburg's shoulder woes—which he says they knew about all through the 2016 season. Despite those right shoulder issues, Thornburg was brilliant for Milwaukee that year—appearing in 67 games with a 2.15 ERA, giving up just 170 hits in 219.2 innings pitched. Then, the shoulder issues got worse and he had surgery to fix thoracic outlet syndrome. He missed all of 2017 and—as of yesterday—is active and ready to pitch. He will not—right away at least—take on the eighth-inning set-up role he was targeted for. But, at least he'll be pitching.