Friday, July 27, 2018

Don't Look Now, But Clay Buchholz Is Killing It Again For The Diamondbacks

(Getty Images)
Former Red Sox starting pitcher Clay Buchholz is enjoying a bit of a renaissance in 2018. After beating the Cubbies on Tuesday night, he's got a 3-1 record with a 2.38 ERA this season. Back on June 25th, Buchholz went on the disabled with with an oblique strain. He had signed with Arizona in May and was pitching surprisingly well before the injury. After showing great promise as a rookie with the Red Sox (a no-no in his his second MLB start), injuries plagued him off and on until Boston dealt him to the Phillies. More injures forced him to bounce around in the minors for a while, but he knew he could do better. Said Buchholz, "It’s just I’ve been around too long to melt away in the minor leagues. I feel like I’m a big-league pitcher." The 33-year-old righty might be building a case for re-igniting his career with the D-Backs or some other organization down the road. We wish him well.