Friday, June 29, 2018

Why The Red Sox Traded Away Their #15 Prospect For Toronto's Steve Pearce

(Getty Images)
Seemingly out of nowhere, the Red Sox announced that they had traded their #15 overall prospect—23-year-old SS Santiago Espinal—to the Blue Jays for OF/1B Steve Pearce. "Huh?', you may ask? The rationale from Dave Dombrowski deals with boosting the team's effectiveness against left-handed pitching—with Pearce likely "spelling" Mitch Moreland or J.D. Martinez against particularly tough port-siders. Said Dombrowski, "We’ve been looking for a guy who can hit left-handed pitching, even though we’ve done better in recent times. We’ve talked about adding one more guy we can put in the lineup against a tough left-hander. He’s [Pearce] traditionally hit left-handed pitching very well. He’s a threat to drive in runs, drive the ball out of the ballpark. We think he’s a guy who can be a key cog for us against certain left-handed pitching." This season, Pearce is hitting .306 against lefties.