Friday, June 8, 2018

The 1904 World Series Championship That New York Kept Away From Boston

'04 "Shoulda Been" Champs
It was so typically "New York". In 1904, the National League Champion New York Giants refused to play the upstart American League Champion Boston Red Sox (AKA Americans) in that year's World Series. Just a year earlier, in 1903, the Red Sox had embarrassed the Senior Circuit by winning the first ever World Series (five games to three over the Pittsburgh Pirates). For years now, FenwayNation has battled this miscarriage of justice and advocated that Boston be awarded their ninth World Series Title—given the clear forfeiture by the National League. We once again call on Commissioner Rob Manfred to right this injustice as soon as possible. You can contact him about this at:
Rob Manfred
Office of the Commissioner of Baseball
Major League Baseball 
245 Park Avenue 31st Floor 
New York, NY 10167 
USA Phone: (212) 931-7800 
Fax: (212) 949-5654