Thursday, June 14, 2018

All Of A Sudden, The Manny Machado To Boston Rumors Seem More Serious

(Getty Images)
Back on June 8th, we posted a story on the Red Sox being serious players in the Manny Machado trade market. The primary source was the frighteningly accurate Internet-based guru Incarcerated Bob. Well, now, about a week later, the story is getting a little more credibility—since The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal is touting the idea. The word is that Machado would come to Boston—along with a bullpen arm from Baltimore—in exchange for Rafael Devers (and, presumably, some other player/s on the roster or in the organization). Getting the 25-year-old Machado is still a long-shot—considering his issues with the Red Sox, his desire to play shortstop over third base, and the high likelihood that he would be just a two-month rental. Still, the idea of upgrading the Hot Corner both offensively and defensively has got to be a temptation for Dave Dombrowski. If we are truly 'going for it' in 2018, Machado would move that process along big time.