Wednesday, April 4, 2018

What's All This I Hear About Red Sox Players Doing Dances From Fortnite?

Take The L (Getty Images)
Honestly, all this Millennial 'Fortnite' stuff is making us feel as old as—well, Emily Litella (which we pretty much are anyway). Before about five days ago, the esteemed Editorial staff at FenwayNation had never even heard of the video game 'Fortnite'—which apparently is taking the world by storm. Of course, since then, we haven't gone five minutes without some reference to the game or athletes mimicking stuff from the game. Case in point, several Red Sox players—most notably the red-hot Xander Bogaerts—have been seen doing what's called the "Take The L" dance from the game. Now, Rafael Devers is doing it—heck even "old-timer" Hanley Ramirez is getting into the act. Frankly, we still don't get it—but then again, I guess we're not supposed to. If Jerry Remy starts doing the "Take The L" dance in the broadcast booth, we're done! We thought "Take The L" had something to do with the old MTA rapid transit system (when lots of trains were "elevated"). Oh, well. Hey, anyone want to play 'Pong'?