Thursday, April 5, 2018

Red Sox '18 Home Opener At Fenway Park Has Finally Arrived, But Not Spring

It will be frigid this afternoon at Fenway Park as the Red Sox open up the home portion of their 2018 schedule at 2:05PM Eastern. It will be partly sunny and 44 degrees—with a blustery 23 MPH wind out of the WNW—so it will feel like 36 degrees. It's definitely parka and mittens weather—especially if your seats don't place you in the sun. The capacity crowd that will trundle into the venerable 106-year-old ballpark will be greeted by a first-place team with boatloads of potential. Hopefully, the "friendly confines" will jump-start an offense that has largely been moribund so far—but the starting pitching has literally been historic. In 2018, the youthful core of budding super-stars (led by Mookie Betts) should nicely dove-tail with quality veterans like newly-minted Carmine Hoser J.D. Martinez. The old park will be festive and loud and fun—and the game will likely end in another victory over the hapless Rays.