Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Empire "Spikes" Back: Cheap-Shot Yankees Ignite Brawls In 10-7 Loss

(Getty Images)
You can just hear the banter in the pre-game Yankee clubhouse: "We can't beat these guys on the level, so let's cheat." Following orders, Quadruple-A player Tyler Austin went into second base with spikes high on a force-play clipping Brock Holt in the process. When Joe Kelly exacted retribution for the cheap-shot, Tyler threw a tantrum, slammed-down his bat, and "charged" the mound. Unfortunately for Little Tyler, Kelly is a better athlete and evaded his bull-rush—getting in the better shots. This was the second brawl of the night at the frigid confines of Fenway last night—in a 10-7 loss. Boston, down 8-1, staged a comeback—highlighted by a J.D. Martinez grand slam. But, after getting the game to 8-6, Matt Barnes gagged away two more runs—and that was it. Rick Porcello looks to give the Red Sox a series win tonight.