Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Media Vultures In New York Swoop Down On The Sub-.500 Pinstriped Posers

Very few things in life bring more pleasure than perusing the New York tabloids after a loss by the over-hyped Bronx Embalmers. After getting eviscerated by the Red Sox last night in a 14-1 drubbing, the Yankees faced the wrath of the Knights Of The Keyboard. The back page of the Daily News screamed "Seriously?", while the even more ludicrous Post screeched, "Boone Doggle". Said the Daily News story, "Clearly, the Yankees have a lot of problems right now. They can continue telling themselves it’s still early, but something has to give soon." The article in the Post stated, "Stanton does not pitch in relief. He is not Bugs Bunny playing all the positions. He is one large man failing big right now. But the Yankees are not under .500 only because of him." Ha! Love it! Boston as a whole might be a tougher place to play, but the media in Baghdad-On-The-Hudson is merciless beyond anything the Globe or Herald can dish out.