Friday, April 6, 2018

Mariners Pitcher James Paxton Needs To Just Go Straight To The Hall Of Fame

Paxton And Friend
Here's our suggestion to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred: build a statue at the Hall Of Fame to Seattle Mariner pitcher James Paxton for his amazing interaction with an American Bald Eagle on the field yesterday. It would be such an iconic image of the greatness of baseball and its importance to the American way of life. Future generations of kids will flock around the statue in awe and amazement as their parents and grandparents recount the day in 2018 when Paxton stood stoic as the bird landed on his shoulder while he stood in LF during Opening Day ceremonies at Target Field in Minneapolis. Said Paxton: "I'm not gonna outrun an eagle, so just thought, we'll see what happens." Now, that's a true American hero. You can view a video of the incident HERE.