Friday, April 6, 2018

Joe Girardi Rumored As Replacing Ex-Sox Gabe Kapler As Phillies Manager

(Getty Images)
Former Red Sox OF—and current Philadelphia Phillies manager—Gabe Kapler is not having a good week. After his team endured a 1-4 start to the season, he returned "home" to raucous boos from fans in "The City Of Brotherly Love". Not only that, bookmakers are laying 10-to-1 odds that Gabe is the first MLB manager to get fired in 2018. Nice. What's next, getting tarred and feathered in front of Independence Hall? Yesterday, one of his own players (OF Nick Williams) publicly questioned his lack of playing time. The latest gossip has former manager of The Evil Ones, Joe Girardi taking over the reins of The Fightins'. Kapler has got to have experienced the quickest managerial fall from grace ever. Even considering what notorious jerks Philadelphia fans are. We sincerely hope that Gabe figures things out quickly and rights the ship in Philly.