Monday, April 30, 2018

Joe 'Jim Buchanan' Kelly Mixes With The Hoi Polloi In Fenway Park Bleachers

(Twitter by@NoSoWonderWall)
Red Sox pitcher Joe Kelly—AKA reporter Jim Buchanan—was suspended six games for putting the beat-down on Yankee snowflake Tyler Austin. But, the antsy Kelly, could not be stopped from helping his team in some manner—as a fan. Kelly moved around Fenway Park during Sunday's 4-3 Red Sox win—mingling with fans in several sections (including the bleachers). Kelly told WEEI radio, "I was in the suite and we weren’t getting any runs and we were losing, so I moved and went out to the bleachers. We got a couple of runs. I moved to another location and that didn’t work, so I moved to the Sam Adams Party Deck, and we ended up getting the runs. Then I watched the rest, when Craig [Kimbrel] came in, from the State Street Pavilion. I had to change locations. I was getting superstitious. I tried to move as much as I could until we scored runs." We have given Kelly some grief over the years—mostly for not being able to find the plate with his 100 MPH fastball—but how can you not love this guy? Kelly can return from his suspension on Wednesday.