Friday, March 30, 2018

Perspective On Yesterday's Loss By Baseball Prospectus

In his final column for Baseball Prospectus Boston, the highly-entertaining writer Matthew Kory tried to put yesterday's devastating Red Sox loss into perspective. He cites the Opening Day loss in 2004—to these same Rays—with that year's bullpen blowing a late 4-1 lead. Let's see, what ultimately happened in 2004? Oh, yeah. Exactly. So, as gut-wrenching as Thursday's loss was (and as much as you can question Alex Cora's decision-making), it's one game out of 162. Boston lost the opener in the 2007 championship year as well—and won the first game in the successful 2013 season. So, go figure. A win today and they're a .500 ballclub. With 160 games left to play.