Thursday, March 29, 2018

'Jim Buchanan' Blows Sale Gem, Sox Fall To Rays, 6-4

Welcome to our pain, Alex Cora. The new manager of the Red Sox witnessed the kind of "House Of Horrors" meltdown that Boston fans have come to expect in Tampa's MostPulpDome. Up 4-0 in the bottom of the eighth, Joe "Jim Buchanan" Kelly (108.00 ERA) presided over an inning in which the bullpen walked five Rays and choked out six runs in the eventual 6-4 loss. Carson Smith gave up a crippling three-run triple to Denard 'Grecian Formula' Span and the game was over. Why Cora did not bring in a lefty or go to closer Craig Kimbrel in the eighth will be discussed endlessly on talk radio tonight and tomorrow. This was as big a stinker of a loss as we can remember. Last season, the Red Sox did not blow a lead of more than three runs all year. In game one this year, they have achieved it. Disgusting.