Sunday, March 11, 2018

Red Sox Ownership Takes A "Grilling" And Piles Up Cash

In John Henry's endless pursuit to squeeze every last buck out the Red Sox brand, we have yet another product endorsement. Kenyon is now the "official grill of the Red Sox", no doubt forking over gazillions to the NOG for the privilege. Kenyon International, Inc, described in the team press release as "a leading specialty electric grill manufacturer", produces the only portable electric grill that can be used indoors and out. You know, so those thousands and thousands of "tail-gaiting" Red Sox fans can use these things on game days. Nothing like grilling up some brats at a parking meter on Beacon Street—an hour or two before you're towed away by the oh-so-fan-friendly Brookline Parking goons. A Red Sox flak stated, "We are excited to partner with a brand like Kenyon whose products are as much a herald of warm summer months as Red Sox baseball." Uh-huh.