Sunday, March 11, 2018

FenwayNation Scribes Ensconced In New 2018 Venue

The new view
As you may suspect, we don't get no stinking press credentials to cover your Carmine Hose—indeed, we pay though the nose like every other Red Sox fan. It tends to keep us honest. After decades of holding season tickets in Section 25 of the Fenway Park grandstands (with its pole obstructions, narrow Depression-Era wooden seats with zero leg room and no cup-holders) we will migrate to Pavilion Reserved seating in left-field. We will not, however, let our plush (but not overly ostentatious) new digs impact our game coverage—after all, we're still paying through the nose like we always have. We hope you enjoy our new vista on the action—starting April 7th against the Rays.