Monday, March 5, 2018

Drew Pomeranz Has "Mild" Flexor Strain Of Left Elbow

Whenever a Red Sox medical professional describes a player injury as "mild", we hear "returning post-All-Star-Break". Too many "minor" injuries have ballooned into serious problems over the years to think any differently. So, when the Red Sox tell us that an MRI showed a "mild flexor strain" in the left elbow of Drew Pomeranz, pardon us if we express skepticism. "No structural damage" was the word from manager Alex Cora—as if that's something to write home about. And in the double-speak that has come to exemplify player assessments of their own injuries, Pomeranz said, "Kind of what I expected, nothing really too serious. I don’t see myself missing too much time. I feel fine. I feel way better than [Friday]. I think if something was really wrong I’d feel way worse." Nothing to see here, move on.