Monday, February 5, 2018

The Present Red Sox Line-Up Is Just Not Good Enough

Apparently, Kool-Aid will be a new concession offering at Fenway Park in 2018. Because we are all being asked to drink a bunch of it this off-season as we contemplate the "currently-constituted" Red Sox line-up. Granted—even without adding a bat like J.D. Martinez—it's a group that should score a lot of runs. But, there is no "thumper", no "Papi Proxy" to put fear in the hearts of opposing pitching staffs. Moreover, The Bronx Embalmers have dramatically upgraded their line-up with "you-know-who"—while still managing to stay under the Luxury Tax Threshold! If the season started today, The Evil Ones are the odds-on favorites to run away with the AL East—and Boston needs to fight for one of two Wild Card spots with several improved AL rivals. There's a simple solution—broker a reasonable compromise with Scott Boras and sign Martinez. Soon.