Friday, February 16, 2018

Take Heart, Sox Fans. It's Sorta Always Been This Way

As we slosh through this Winter Of Our Discontent—with no resolution to our line-up's power shortage—we should place things in perspective. It's never been easy being a Red Sox fan—certainly not during the 86-year championship drought. But it's worth noting that concerns over team chemistry (like expressed recently about the 2017 squad) and lack of a feared offensive force (see no David Ortiz) are nothing new. Check out this 1950 cartoon about The Carmine Hose. It was drawn by Lou Darvas and shows Sox manager Steve O'Neil (portrayed as the 'team doctor') administering a 'hypodermic needle' of RBIs and walks. The Red Sox "patient" is suffering from "rumors of dissension", "no sparkplug" and "no teamwork". It appeared in the July 5, 1950 edition of The Sporting News. Could this get any more relevant? Past is prologue. You can click on the cartoon image itself for a larger view.