Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Red Sox SS Turkey Gross Would Have Been 122 Today

Turkey Gross
There are a number of former Red Sox players we could have chosen for today's birthday celebration. After careful consideration, we chose to celebrate Joe Foy's birthday (as you can see on our right sidebar). The ex-Red Sox third baseman passed away tragically in 1989 at the far-too-young age of 46. But, we almost chose another Boston infielder just for his name alone—SS Turkey Gross. His name sounds like the reaction of a vegetarian at a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Had he lived, Turkey would have been 122-years-old today. Renowned Red Sox writer Bill Nowlin (who has, by the way, written a great book on Tom Yawkey that we'll review soon) outlined Turkey's career on the SABR website. He only played nine games in Carmine Hose during the 1925 season—and had a total of three hits—to finish his MLB career with an .094 average. He did have a solid minor-league career. Happy birthday, Turks!