Wednesday, February 21, 2018

David Price Told J.D. Martinez To Expect Boos In Boston

(Getty Images)
There he goes again! David Price, in his seemingly un-ending effort to alienate Red Sox fans, told his former teammate J.D. Martinez to expect boos in Boston. Said Price, "I told J.D. he will love the guys here in this clubhouse but also told him he’ll get booed. He’s a quiet, soft-spoken guy, but he’ll handle it. Besides, everyone gets booed. I heard Big Papi get booed many times in Fenway." Seriously? David Ortiz got booed "many times" at Fenway since Price has been here? Please! Does Price simply not "get it", or does he slyly let enough negativity seep into his comments to deliberately rile up the fan base? And, if so, why? He is definitely an enigma. Of course, Price will find that if he pitches up to his $30 million contract, every Red Sox fan will adore him—as they did when he pitched so brilliantly in the 2017 post-season out of the bullpen. David, it doesn't have to be so difficult!