Thursday, February 15, 2018

'Sox Just Wanna Have Fun' Is The New Mantra For 2018

Maybe John Henry can arrange a Fenway Park concert by Cyndi Lauper this Summer. It would certainly be appropriate to the new Red Sox outlook on life. According to Mookie Betts, last year's version of The Carmine Hose would get too far down in the dumps when they hit a bump in the road. This year, the clubhouse vibe will be "Have Fun!". Said Mookie, "We could have had more fun. I think we still enjoyed it. But we could have had more fun. Through the rough times, I think those are the times when we could have had a little more fun instead of being down so much. If we hit a rough patch this year, I feel like maybe we can learn from last year and continue to enjoy the game and maybe get out of it faster." Hopefully, more joy will bring post-season success.