Thursday, February 22, 2018

Red Sox May Try To Lure David Ortiz Into A NESN Role

FN Editor-In-Chief And Papi
As most of you know, NESN (New England Sports Network) is in desperate need of some vitality. It is—hands down—the worst regional sports network in America. Two recent examples: 1.) this past week-end had virtually no Spring Training coverage (but plenty of Charlie Moore Outdoors); 2.) they still do not have a Super-Slo-Mo replay capability for Red Sox broadcasts (a complete and total embarrassment). Anyway, word is that the team will meet with David Ortiz next week in the Dominican Republic—with an eye toward luring him into some kind of broadcasting role with NESN. Regarding a possible broadcasting role with the team, Red Sox President and CEO Sam Kennedy said: "I hope so, but I know he's done some Fox work I believe in the past. He's got such charisma and energy. I truly don't know what is on his mind. He'll obviously be good at whatever he decides." Please, David, do it! We need some pizazz and actual baseball knowledge for NESN broadcasts!