Monday, February 5, 2018

Mookie Betts Is Runner-Up In PBA Bowling Tournament

As if you needed any more proof that Mookie Betts is the best all-around athlete on the Red Sox, the right-fielder shone again in a PBA Bowling tournament. Betts—and his teammate Bill O'Neil—finished second in the CP3 PBA Celebrity Invitational. The winner was the tournament sponsor—NBA star Chris Paul (along with his partner Norm Duke). Despite the loss in the featured finals match-up, Betts headed an "All-Star" celebrity team (including NFL Hall-Of-Famer Terrell Owens) that defeated Paul's squad 215-158 in the "Baker format" team match. Perhaps the coolest part of the day was Mookie sporting a throw-back Red Sox cap while posing with a ten-pin "mascot" (no doubt a distant relation to Wally The Green Monster). By the way, Red Sox, sign this guy long-term! (Mookie, not Wally)