Wednesday, February 14, 2018

J.D. Martinez Wild Card: The New Humidor In The Desert?

Coors Humidor (AP Photo)
This whole off-season 'passion play' surrounding J.D. Martinez is starting to get a little old. But, just when you've had enough of offers, counter-offers and misleading stories—an actual factor may have arisen. Last season, Martinez clouted 29 HRs in just 257 plate appearances for the D'Backs.—16 of them in just 30 games at Chase Field. Now, Diamondbacks GM Mike Hazen (formerly of the Red Sox) has confirmed that they will install a humidor at Chase (a la Coors Field) to store baseballs in a "climate-controlled" environment. This will undoubtedly result in fewer HRs in what has been one of the more homer-friendly parks in MLB. So, Does J.D. want to deal with reduced HR production—or come to Fenway where he can aim for Landsdowne Street for 81 games a year? What do you think?