Friday, February 16, 2018

FenwayNation Begins 19th Season Covering Red Sox

With the advent of Spring Training 2018, FenwayNation is proud to embark on our 19th season covering the greatest baseball franchise of all time—the Boston Red Sox. Way back at the end of January 2000, we launched a very clunky website—which gradually became more and more sophisticated and more and more popular. Today—19 seasons later—we serve readers in over 180 countries, from Canada and India to the United Kingdom and Israel. From May of 2010 (when we migrated to our current format) we have served just under 3,000,000 readers. Not bad for a couple of guys who just wanted to pontificate about their favorite baseball team. Thank you to all of our readers worldwide. We hope we can continue to be worthy of your support this season and beyond.