Friday, January 19, 2018

The Other Lingering Red Sox Outrage Of This Off-Season

(Getty Images)
It's bad enough that the Red Sox have yet to solve their middle-of-the-order 'phantom bat' problem—with only about a month to go until Spring Training. But another piece of unfinished business is the fact that their best player—Mookie Betts—remains un-signed after the two sides failed to reach an arbitration agreement. How good was Betts last year? Well, he led The Carmine Hose in: hits (166); extra-base hits (72); HRs (24); RBIs (102); walks (77); stolen bases (26); slugging (.459) and OPS (.803). So, why exactly isn't he already signed? If nothing else, the sense of priorities in this Red Sox organization is way out of whack.