Saturday, January 20, 2018

Red Sox Ownership Tries To Soothe Its Angry Masses

(Getty Images)
He brought you The Cosby ShowRoseanne and Third Rock From The Sun—now Tom Werner has a bridge he wants you to buy. The co-owner of the Red Sox stated the following at the Foxwoods 'Pep Rally' yesterday: "We are in active negotiations with J.D. Martinez. People know about that. It takes two to make a deal. I can only speak for the Red Sox. We most definitely will have the highest payroll that we've ever had. Other teams have to make their own decisions. But we expect to be competitive and we expect to improve from our team last year." That, and $5.50 will buy you a small cup of hot chocolate in April from 'Dunks at Fenway. The truth is, Boston has yet to fill its huge offensive hole in the middle of the lineup. Spring Training starts in less than a month. End of story.