Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Is J.D. Martinez Just The 2018 Version Of Jason Bay?

Martinez (L); Bay (R)
Remember Jason Bay? He was the guy the Red Sox got to "replace the offensive potential of Manny Ramirez". Bay was really good in his age 29 season for the Pirates and Red Sox (.286 BA, 31 HRs, 101 RBIs). He was also good for The Carmine Hose  during his age 30 season in 2009 (.274 BA, 36 HRs, 119 RBIs). Then, after signing as a free-agent with the Metropolitans, he went into a three-year funk (helped by some injuries). The bottom line is he never got back to his 2009 form for the remainder of his career. So, guess who Baseball Reference lists as the most similar to Bay at age 29? None other than J.D. Martinez. So, the nightmare scenario is that we get Martinez and he has one good season before flaming out Bay-like. Of course, it might not happen that way, but it's something to think about.