Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Has Scott Boras Floated A 'Nuclear Option' On Martinez?

The ever-wily Uber-Agent Scott Boras keeps a stable of toadies in the mainstream sports media. It's long been rumored that, whenever he really needs to send up a trial balloon, he calls on a toady or two. Such may be the case now when stories are being planted that claim "one of the best free agents available this offseason" is confiding to friends that he is prepared to sit out until the middle of season. Not the start of Spring Training, or the beginning of the season—the middle. Why this radical approach? Because the offers for his services so far are "so incompatible with his production". Do you need The Amazing Kreskin to figure out that this is Boras talking about J.D. Martinez? Good, we knew our readers were smart. This is likely just another Boras ploy—intended to smoke-out Dave Dombrowski. So, in a weird way, we're kinda hoping it actually works.