Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Dombrowski Would Be 'Content' With Current '18 Roster

(Boston Globe Photo)
It's been more than three months since the Red Sox walked off the field as first-round playoff losers for the second straight year. In less than one month, the team will begin formal 2018 Spring Training workouts. So, would Red Sox honcho Dave Dombrowski be OK with heading into next season with the current roster? Said DoubleD on MLB Network Radio yesterday, "So yeah, we would be content. Would we rather do it? Yes. But again, we have to be flexible in our thought processes because you never know what is going to take place." Say what? We don't want no stinking "flexible in our thought processes"—we want a damn bat. We're all for patience—but obstinacy in the face of a dire need is just plain irresponsible.