Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ex-Sox Icon Youkilis Defends Brother-In-Law Tom Brady

GOAT Chasing #6
He's no longer The Greek God Of Walks. These days, former Red Sox IF Kevin Youkilis runs a California Brewery—so now he's The Greek God Of Hops. Anyway, Youk came to the defense of his brother-in-law Tom Brady (you may have heard of him), after the five-time Super Bowl Champion abruptly ended an interview on WEEI after a station personality maligned his 5-year-old daughter. Said Youk in a tweet, "As a proud family man, it is taking everything in me to not take the low road today. We will continually take the high road while others feel it necessary to take a swipe at our family." Way to go, YoukMeister! By the way, you can all watch TB12 get his sixth Super Bowl ring this coming Sunday night on NBC at 6:30 PM Eastern.