Tuesday, January 2, 2018

FN BOOK REVIEW: John Trautwein's 'My Living Will'

by Gail M. Bloom, Guest Reviewer

No one ever wants to talk about teen suicide. But, talking about it is one of the things we can do that has the potential to stop a teen from ending his life. Former Red Sox pitcher John Trautwein talks about teen suicide in his book, My Living Will, because he lost his beautiful young son, Will Trautwein, to suicide. The book pays respect to his son's life. It is a story of a compassionate, talented 15-year-old who ended his own life. Like many other teens, there were no clear warning signs and no obvious indications of depression or despair. In his grief, John realizes the importance of teammates. These are “Life Teammates”—including major league and Northwestern University baseball players and coaches, community members, and other friends and family that surround the shocked and grieving family with support. The mindset of a winning athlete helps John overcome tragedy and provides the structure to move ahead. John with his wife, Susie, established The Will To Live Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention of teen suicide by raising awareness and delivering hope. Teen suicide is a crisis of epidemic proportions. Talking about it is important. Talking about it can possibly make a kid feel less alone with the overwhelming thoughts. Talking about it can decrease the stigma that leaves a devastated family feeling isolated. It is important to talk about suicide prevention resources and programs so teens can make contacts and reach out if they know someone in need of help. My Living Will: A Father’s Story of Loss & Hope is honest about pain and heartache, but it also delivers an inspirational message about healing and strength. For suicide awareness information, links to some contacts for help, and to learn more about The Will To Live Foundation visit: will-to-live.org  You can also purchase the book HERE.