Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Sox Being Left In Dust During Do-Nothing Off-Season

It is Wednesday morning, the MLB Winter Meetings end Thursday. So far, Dave Dombrowski and the Red Sox have done literally nothing—but will meet with free-agent J.D. Martinez today. Dombrowski has taken the 'Reverse Chicken Little' approach to his top rivals cleaning his clock—hey, the sky isn't falling, all is right with the world, be patient, nothing to see here, move on. Meanwhile, an increasingly impatient fan base is waiting for the first shoe to drop—and wondering whether shelling out hundreds of dollars for single game tickets to watch a mediocre team is a good idea or not. The Red Sox have to be worried about 2018 ticket sales—and the fact that they could not fill Fenway for two home playoff games last season. Hopefully, there will be movement today on something—unless Dave is still sleeping through his alarm.