Friday, December 8, 2017

Mariner Danny Valencia As 1B Red Sox Alternative: Huh?

Danny Valencia (Getty Images)
The idea of the Red Sox signing extremely affordable Seattle 1B Danny Valencia instead of wicked pricey Eric Hosmer seems, on the surface, to be silly. But, according to Issac Gamboa of, it might not be so nutty. Valencia would cost Boston about $4 million, Hosmer around $200 million. The left-over cash could easily be used to sign a truly big bat in J.D. Martinez. Valencia (who hits lefties great) could be platooned at first with Hanley Ramiez (who is now a crappy hitter against lefties). Hey, it's a thought. And, any move by Dave Dombrowski at this point would be welcome! (By the way, for those who may have forgotten, Valencia played 10 games for the Red Sox in 2012—the dreaded Bobby V. Year).