Friday, November 17, 2017

Yankee Shill Kay's 'Inside Source': Judge Will Win MVP

The 'Well-Sourced' Michael Kay
If it wasn't for the the buffoonish John Sterling and the traitorous Suzyn Waldman, YES Network's Michael Kay would be the most annoying member of the Yankee broadcast crew. Kay may have inched ahead of the aforementioned Dyspeptic Duo with his embarrassing claim yesterday—according to his 'very credible' source—that Aaron Judge would win the American League MVP Award. Not only did Judge lose to the much more deserving Jose AltuveThe Jurist got crushed. The Houston Astros superstar got 27 out of a possible 30 first-place votes—on his way to a landslide 405-279 victory on total points. Maybe Kay's was a prank source from that other annoying New Yorker—Howard Stern.