Wednesday, November 15, 2017

REPORT: Red Sox Still "In Play" For Giancarlo Stanton

You know things have gotten nutty when Giancarlo Stanton stories are being broken by local TV sports guys in Providence, Rhode Island. WJAR-TV's Joe Kayata (yeah we've never heard of him, either) cites a "source" telling him that the Red Sox are "still very much in play" for Stanton. Moreover, Kayata's source claims that the sole reason Stanton wasn't keen on Boston initially was the cold weather. Duh! Hey, Giancarlo, what the heck did you expect? We get four seasons here in New England. Deal with it. Anyway, this un-named source goes on to say that Stanton's #1 choice is the Dodgers (who today "confirmed" that they are one of the many teams in on the slugger). Giancarlo's second choice is the Giants. So, I guess Boston is no higher than third. Can't we just go to sleep until the equipment trucks pulls out of Yawkey Way?