Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Red Sox Unlikely To Enter Bidding For Ham Fighter Star

(Getty Images)
Shohei Otani, the two-way (pitching and hitting) superstar of the Nippon Ham Fighters, is very likely to be playing baseball in the USA in 2018. It's very unlikely, however, that his home park will be Fenway. Now, John "MoneyBags" Henry can certainly afford the $20 million "posting fee" that would need to be given to the Ham Fighters. However, Boston's available signing bonus money for an International Free Agent like Otani is just $462,000. By contrast, The Evil Ones have $3,250,000 in signing bonus money to lavish on Otani—hell, even the lowly Twinkies have $3,245,000 to spend. So, Red Sox fans will just have to give up hope of ever seeing "The Babe Ruth Of Japan" in Carmine Hose.