Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Giancarlo Watch: Realistic Odds Of Stanton To Red Sox?

Crazy Dream Or Possibility?
It's the longest-running soap opera of the baseball off-season: where the heck will mega-star Giancarlo Stanton end up? New Marlins honcho Derek Jeter has made it clear that clearing payroll is his number one goal—thus the big guy (and his $295 million contract) must go! The three credible landing spots have been narrowed down to St. Louis, San Francisco and Boston (with The Evil Ones and Dodgers on the periphery). But, just how realistic is it that Stanton dons Carmine Hose in 2018? Because Dave Dombrowski has already significantly depleted Boston's reservoir of high-end prospects, any deal with the Marlins would likely need to include major-league talent—some combination of players like Rafael Devers, Andrew Benintendi and/or Eduardo Rodriguez. This, in addition to the Red Sox picking up all or most of the remaining dollars on Stanton's contract (which has 10 years left on it, with a 2020 player opt-out). If John Henry agrees to eat all of the contract, maybe the player price drops to some mix of ERod, Blake Swihart and/or Michael Chavis. In any event, because there are cheaper free-agent options to fill Boston's power void (J.D. Martinez, Eric Hosmer, Carlos Santana), Stanton is much more likely to be a Giant or Cardinal. But, with Double D at the helm, you can never rule out a big transaction. And, in fact, the latest rumors have Boston making a specific trade proposal very soon. Stay tuned!