Monday, October 23, 2017

You Can Acknowledge Girardi And Still Hate The Yankees

(Getty Images)
These last couple of days since Saturday night have been a sweet period of schadenfreude for most Red Sox fans. The Bronx Embalmers getting bounced from the playoffs in ALCS Game 7 (after blowing a 3-2 series lead) showed that—after all—there is justice in the world. Here at FenwayNation we do not buy the revisionist position that the 2017 edition of The Yankees was somehow "lovable". The whole 'Baby Boomer' BS was just that. It's really easy to dislike players like Todd Frazier, Greg Bird (how dare he wear number 33?), Starlin Castro, Gary Sanchez and Aroldis Chapman. Even the 'nice-guy' hype surrounding Aaron Judge was wearing thin. However, when it comes to the skipper of The Pinstriped Posers, we have a different view. For several years, we have felt that Joe Girardi was among the most under-rated managers in the game. Think about it. For a decade, he's had to put up with the the ownership lunacy of The Steinbrenner Brood (Tweedle-Dumb and Tweedle-Dumber), alternately getting crap rosters to work with and then half-decent ones. Finally, GM Brian Cashman was free to make some strategic moves that netted a bevy of young talent for the big club in the Bronx—as well as a re-stocked farm system. Through it all, Girardi has also had to put up with the disgusting New York media—and he has pretty much consistently won despite it all. Even a World Series Championship in 2009. So, while we wholeheartedly endorse Empire-Hating, take it easy on Girardi. He's pretty good at what he does.