Monday, October 9, 2017

Red Sox Season Ends In Wild Game Four Loss, 5-4

It was looking good. Chris Sale was buzzing along in four plus innings of relief. Andrew Benintendi gave Boston a 3-2 lead with a two-run blast off a first-time ever relieving Justin Verlander. But the magic ran out as the Astros first tied, then went ahead by two on Sale and an extremely ineffective Craig Kimbrel. Down 5-3 in the ninth, 20-year-old rookie Rafael Devers laced a shot to left-center which caromed into an inside-the-park HR. Now, it was 5-4. Alas, the comeback ended right there, with Dustin Pedroia (sadly) ending things on a ground out in the 5-4 loss. In the final analysis, the Red Sox starters posted a 12.71 ERA in the ALDS—and there just wasn't enough power in the non-Papi lineup. It was an interesting year, but this Red Sox squad is just not good enough. (Getty Images)