Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Better MLB Expansion And Re-Alignment Scheme

Rob Rogacki of the Tigers blog, "Bless You Boys" has come up with a much more rational expansion/re-alignment proposal than the one floated by Baseball America’s Tracy Ringolsby (see our analysis of that plan HERE). Rogacki proposes eight four-team divisions—rather than Ringolsby's four eight-team divisions (along with Ringolsby's elimination of the American and National leagues). Most importantly, the league distinctions remain in place in Rogacki's scheme. Here is his idea:

AL East: New York, Boston, Toronto, Baltimore
AL North: Detroit, Cleveland, Minnesota, Chicago
AL South: Kansas City, Houston, Texas, Tampa Bay
AL West: Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Oakland

NL East: Washington, New York, Philadelphia, Montreal
NL North: Pittsburgh, Chicago, Milwaukee, Cincinnati
NL West: Arizona, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego
NL Something: St. Louis, Atlanta, Miami, Colorado

Granted, some of the team pairings seem a little wacky (e.g., Colorado and Miami)—but it's still far more realistic than other proposals.