Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Empire Fan Calls Out Pitch Locations For Gary Sanchez

Sure, maybe the Red Sox and Yankees tried to signal pithes using electronic means (Boston via an Apple Watch and New York with YES Network hanky-panky). But, what separates the two organizations is their respective fan bases. Last night, a Yankee 'fan' sitting behind the plate (a rarity in itself in the usually empty megabucks seats) was shouting out pitch locations (in Spanish) during an at-bat by Empire catcher Gary Sanchez. This kind of rogue fan behavior could only occur in Baghdad-By-The Hudson. Once the umpire and Rays catcher Wilson Ramos realized the ruse, the moron fan was ejected from The Concrete Bunker On 161st Street. Said Ramos, "He was saying 'Away, away, away' in Spanish. Everybody's supposed to hit the ball and react to pitches. If you have somebody telling you where the ball is going, it's more easy (to hit). To me, it's like cheating." Ya think?