Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Worcester Re-Igniting Its Pitch To Land AAA PawSox

You know a local story has reached national prominence when you see stuff like this: "Worcester (pronounced: WUS’-tur)". Such is the case with the news that Worcester, Massachusetts Mayor Joseph Petty is making an all-out pitch to lure Boston's AAA affiliate away from Rhode Island and into the central part of The Bay State. According to multiple reports, the city wants the team really badly—but it's making no concrete financial commitments for the new stadium the PawSox are demanding (either in Pawtucket or elsewhere). Meanwhile, Little Rhody is not committing the $23 million for a new stadium there—perhaps gun-shy from previous deals like the ill-fated one they struck with Red Sox legend Curt Schilling. In any event, it would be a lot nicer to have the top farm club of the Red Sox actually in our state—and not in some odd-ball little New England appendage, the last state to ratify the US Constitution (waiting until 1790). Stay tuned!