Monday, August 7, 2017

Time Is Not On The Side Of The Sox In Price Calculation

Big Decision Looms On Price
As August rolls on, the window to 'fish or cut bait' on David Price narrows. Realistically, unless we know soon that 'rest' (an not Tommy John surgery) is all that's needed for the lefty's return, it's going to be a moot point. Once the Ides of August hit, any rehabilitation schedule would get Price back in the rotation near the end of the season—at the earliest. So, what gives? His scheduled "throwing program" this past weekend was scrapped because there is still soreness in his left elbow. Thus, the timetable gets even murkier. It's nice that the team has surged to six straight wins without Price—but (love him or hate him) Boston is better with this guy healthy and pitching like he can. Without him, championship aspirations are dimmed. One way or the other, we have to know soon.